Hi there!

My name is Yanis.

The only valuable thing I do in my life is developing websites. I normally do this in Ruby/Rails and JavaScript.

So yes. There's that.

I've moved to Prague recently, and I'm usually trying to make as much people as possible to know that. Hence the pic.

I love making side-projects, partly because I'm dreaming of getting rich someday, partly because I can't really help it anyway. Here's a few I'm particulary fond of at the moment.

Weekend JavaScript — A weekly digest of the best articles from the JavaScript world.
Candl — A really nice and cozy readings/books tracker.
Episode Mailer — This one will notify you about your favorite show updates.

If you need to contact me, feel free to drop me an email.


With that out of the way, here's a (not so) long list of articles I wrote.

Build a TV Series Tracker with Electron and React
Building a Simple Notes Manager with Vue.js
Principles of Effective Testing with Capybara
Building a Realtime Chess Game with React and Firebase
11 JavaScript Blogs to Follow in 2017
Essential Form Interactions


Um? Still there?

I wasn't really prepared for that.

Don't expect a reward or something.

But I can give my twitter, so you could follow me.

Sounds good?