Hi there!

My name is Yanis.

The only valuable thing I do in my life is developing websites. I normally do this in Ruby/Rails and JavaScript.

So yes. There's that.

I've moved to Prague recently, and I'm usually trying to make as much people as possible to know that. Hence the pic.

I love making side-projects, partly because I'm dreaming of getting rich someday, partly because I can't really help it anyway. Here's a few I'm particulary fond of at the moment.

📰 Weekend JavaScript

A weekly digest of the best articles from the JavaScript world.

📚 Candl

A really nice and cozy readings/books tracker.

📺 Episode Mailer

This one will notify you about your favorite show updates


If you need to contact me, feel free to drop me an email.


With that out of the way, here's a (not so) long list of articles I wrote.

2018 / 08
Build an SMS Groceries App with Ionic and Angular
2018 / 03
Angular 1 to React Migration
2018 / 01
15 Blogs Every Javascript Developer Should Follow in 2018
2017 / 09
Build a TV Series Tracker with Electron and React
2017 / 08
Building a Simple Notes Manager with Vue.js
2017 / 06
Principles of Effective Testing with Capybara
2017 / 04
Building a Realtime Chess Game with React and Firebase
2017 / 01
11 JavaScript Blogs to Follow in 2017
2016 / 04
Essential Form Interactions


Um? Still there?

I wasn't really prepared for that.

Don't expect a reward or something.

But I can give my twitter, so you could follow me.

Sounds good?